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Benjamin Drobig

Artist CV

Learn about Benjamin Drobigs art career history in detail. Exhibitions, Awards, Education, Solo / Duo Shows, And more archived in detail by year.

Artist Bio

A Quick overview about Benjamin Drobigs story, Notable things within the journey and where he is planning to go in the short as well as the long term.

Artist Statement

Discover why Benjamin Drobig is using construction material's in his art & What he is looking at within the trades as "The Trades" is a missive umbrella.

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2000 - 2015

Drobigs work growing up before he pursued his dream. He wanted to be a artist but was not "All In" yet.

Early Work

2015 - 2022 (Early)

Drobig was in his teen years while working through a depression and simultaneously trying to find his voice within a numerous amount of styles & mediums. 

Construction Material's Artwork


Drobig has a new found appreciation for the trades and notices the toss away culture in that industry and wants to upcycle old tools, found material, and cut offs. He wanted to be restricted with the medium to push beyond the comfort zone.

Bodies: Artwork

Published Books

This is the spot where I have my published books. I publish books as a means of archiving the journey and just potentially create something that you will absolutely love.

Wildlife Photography: Benjamin Drobig

$17 CDN

Over the years I have had the chance to work with some awesome people to make products. 

What Sets Us...




2022 (Late) - 

After a depressive period Drobig decided to try out something completely new and make furniture from scratch. He has worked 3 Dimensional before but for it to be functional is another challenge.


The Furniture Collection:

This is where you can watch the progression with my one of a kind handmade furniture.

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