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Artist Statements:





(Late) 2022 -

     After Dealing with a depressive period after being let go and coming to a conclusion construction was not it. I was dealing with safety hazards and a environment were I did not mesh with. I still belive the experience was worth it and still want to learn by myself or go back at least in a union. This time period with inflation and a market crash and dealing with burnout. I thought to try my hand at something new. With a full toolbelt and newfound interest in carpentry I decided to slowly make furniture. 

     Currently I am just trying to build; Stools, Plant stands, Night Stands, Small Shelving, Chairs & Small Tables. This is something very new so I am trying my hand at building things visually pleasing and creative to be within a unique space. Just working within this new medium is the focus as of right now, There is always time to sink my teeth in further for deeper exploration at a later point.





     After art school I am starting my journey of becoming a carpenter after a 7 year art journey. I am pushing myself on a new journey to express the trades with my art because I believe the trades go under-appreciated yet those "Rough and Tough guys" literally built the house or apartment you are sitting in right now.

     My artwork is only made with construction materials or scraps on the job site that would have been thrown out to help push me to learn within Art, Carpentry, & Self being. However carpentry is just a scratch from the surface within the trades and not even a 16th of a inch of the usable construction materials that are out there from the plumbing, the the sparkies tools & HVAC stuff. 

     This decision to work strictly in this new medium will force me to be way more creative from wall sculptures to Installations & free standing sculptures while simultaneously exposing the underbelly off our modern world with how the buildings are built and the crazy amount of work that goes into it that you might have not fully  recognized or live it every day.

     While doing framing work and looking at the partly exposed structures make my art mind go wild with ideas as I'm stepping further within this world where builds & creativity is absolutely endless.


2015 - 2022 (Early)

     My work is trying to understand the law of vibrations. Everything you see in this world has a feeling to it. How do colours make you feel? What about the subject matter? Okay let's go deeper. Have you looked at something that you can not put a finger on what it is and it just speaks to you on a deeper level and you sometimes do not know why? My work is about trying to explore the law of vibration. Everything in life puts out a energy. I go through emotional pockets when looking at things. Maybe it's the colour or the way the atmosphere is or the subject matter. It also depends on how I am internally. It is truly a combination that puts us in moods and how they can change. It can be hand to explain and that Is what i try to capture in my work as i experience the external and internal world.


     My work is all mini reminders or life lessons that I have gone through or currently trying to work through. what happens when the internal and external worlds combine with what i am working with. I'm looking to capture those emotional pockets and how they change. How "good" radiates good energy and how "bad" radiates bad energy and what happens when you combine them or let one shine through more than the other depending on the vibe in the moment. To me that is art and that is my exploration of how powerful art can truly be.


2000 - 2015

      This is My work before I decided to go "All In" with becoming a artist. I was interested and did a lot but never sold. It was sometime in 2015 when I would first try to sell my work at a street show with Megan Good. Just while looking trough boxes my mother Karin told me about siting at a windowsill and the highchair I would always want to draw with her or omi (Berta Stige). My German Grandmother. I do not remember that much but i would always be drawing or painting.

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