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Early Work:

2015 - 2022

    My work is trying to understand the law of vibrations. Everything you see in this world has a feeling to it. How do colours make you feel? What about the subject matter? Okay let's go deeper. Have you looked at something that you can not put a finger on what it is and it just speaks to you on a deeper level and you sometimes do not know why? My work is about trying to explore the law of vibration. Everything in life puts out a energy. I go through emotional pockets when looking at things. Maybe it's the colour or the way the atmosphere is or the subject matter. It also depends on how I am internally. It is truly a combination that puts us in moods and how they can change. It can be hand to explain and that Is what i try to capture in my work as i experience the external and internal world.


     My work is all mini reminders or life lessons that I have gone through or currently trying to work through. what happens when the internal and external worlds combine with what i am working with. I'm looking to capture those emotional pockets and how they change. How "good" radiates good energy and how "bad" radiates bad energy and what happens when you combine them or let one shine through more than the other depending on the vibe in the moment. To me that is art and that is my exploration of how powerful art can truly be.

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